About Us

We are the Magdaleins. We’re a family of four living on a boat. We (Scott and Erica) have been married since July 2005 and we moved onto a boat in the 11th year of our marriage. We have two boys, Lucas (5) and Dyess (3).

I (Scott) own a small business building web applications and helping companies with Search Engine Optimization. I’ve been working from home since 2007, but working from a boat presents all-new challenges every day. I love fishing, sunset Whaler rides, and tickling my boys. (The sound of their laughs is addictive.)

I (Erica) work at home teaching our boys and keeping the boat afloat. I’m a SCUBA Dive Master and an experienced yogi, but I’m still mulling over whether I want to work toward becoming a yoga instructor. I love everything about the ocean (especially sharks), paddle boarding, and experimenting with new healthy recipes.

I (Lucas) am in Pre-Kindergarten and I’m learning to read and do math. I love Legos (duh), fishing, and going to the movie theater.

I (Dyess) am a rabble rouser. I exist to push your buttons and then disarm you with a big smile. I’m getting pretty good at it. I love trains, bananas, and my mom (like, a ton…she’s amazing).