Now that we have been living aboard Wanderer for 6 months it’s time for an update.  We’ve been on Instagram, but we’ve never gone in depth on what life looks like beyond the smiling pictures and fishing and sunsets.

We’ve been talking about sharing these stories and learnings intentionally since we decided to make this move, but we were reluctant. We didn’t know much and there was always the risk of boat-life not working out how we’d hoped. “What if we don’t like it?” was in the back of our minds.

Alas, I don’t want the Hello World post to be too detailed. We’ll go into our reasoning for making this move, how it’s gone so far, and what we’re learning soon enough.

Smooth sailing, Scott

Author: Scott (Captain)

I'm the husband, dad, and captain of the Wanderer. I own a web company that dabbles in application development and SEO. I work from anywhere with a decent internet connection, which is most often the deck of our trawler.

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