When Boat Life Looks a Lot Like Normal Life

We moved onto our boat in June of this year. At first, we were tied up at Erica’s parents’ dock. The spot is in a high traffic area with tug boats coming up and down the river regularly. Tug boats make big wakes, which meant the boat was always rocking.

We moved to St Augustine in July and we love it. Spending the end of Summer and Fall in St Augustine has been amazing.

Then the weather turned chilly and tourists started clogging the streets to the see the Christmas lights. Leaving the marina for fun excursions with the kids became difficult and inconvenient.

With fewer and shorter outings, the boat started to feel more like a cubby hole than a home. Cabin fever began to set in and the kids started asking for the roominess of a spacious house.

To appease them, and to assuage our own stir-craziness, we’ve been spending more time in Jacksonville at Erica’s parents’ house.

And now it’s Christmas Day, which means we’re back at the in-laws again to spend time for the holidays. We’ll be here (in Jacksonville) through the New Year, too.

As much as we love boat life and the adventures it brings, it’s nice to be in a house from time to time.

Vlogging Our Boat-life Adventure: Why We’re Sharing So Much on YouTube

I’ve always thought of vlogging as something that people do who have no life or friends. They sit in their room, talk to a camera, and rant about things they can’t control.

That’s not completely wrong. A lot of vloggers fit that description, but recently I found a group of vloggers who share their experiences more than their gripes.

What’s more, there’s a very active sailing/liveaboard community on YouTube. That means we can join the conversation instead of creating one on our own.

Now we have our own YouTube channel and we’re making short films every day (so far). Here’s the latest. Continue reading “Vlogging Our Boat-life Adventure: Why We’re Sharing So Much on YouTube”

Living on a Boat with a Family of Four: The Good, the Bad, and the Tolerable

The boat life isn’t always filled with rainbows and dancing dolphins. For every cool experience we’ve had this year, there’s a tough one, too.

In general, living on a boat with kids has been easier than we anticipated. We’d imagined horrid smells, insane toddlers, and life-ending expenses.

None of that has happened, mostly.

Living with Kids on a Boat

Of course, kids will always bring good and hard times. That’s true wherever you live, but kids on a boat can be tough-er. One things that’s unique to boat life so far is that keeping the boat cool/warm evenly throughout the night is a challenge. The kids’ room is the hardest to keep climate controlled consistently. Continue reading “Living on a Boat with a Family of Four: The Good, the Bad, and the Tolerable”

8 Awesome (and Small) Gifts for Liveaboards Under $50

Coming home from grandma’s house with a car load of presents is awesome, unless you live on a boat and don’t have anywhere to put those presents.

We’ve had to humbly ask our family to limit the volume of presents this year to one per kid. That’s one of the upsides to living on a boat; it forces us to have less things.

As for you and yours, I want to give you some ideas for great gifts for your liveaboard-loved-ones. Because, honestly, it’s probably tough to come up with gift ideas that fit the lifestyle and needs of someone who lives on a boat. Continue reading “8 Awesome (and Small) Gifts for Liveaboards Under $50”

Making Small Living Spaces Work: How We’ve Maximized Our Tiny Home

The most common question we get about living on a boat is, “What’s it like living in such a small space?

It’s a reasonable question. It was one of our biggest concerns before making the move. Most people only know life in houses or apartments larger than 500 square feet. Making the move to a boat or a trailer or camper or even a tiny house means relearning some things.

We downsized from 1950 sq. ft. to 350 sq. ft. when we moved onto a boat. We had a 3-bedroom house with a large living room and decked-out kitchen. Our dining room had an 8-person table and our kids had a dedicated play room. We even had a spacious laundry room, utility room, and office. Our 2 car garage with two-story storage loft and extra half bath made our house feel gargantuan. Continue reading “Making Small Living Spaces Work: How We’ve Maximized Our Tiny Home”

Choosing the Right Boat to Live On: How and Why We Decided to Live on a Trawler

We made the move from a 2000 sq/ft house with a huge yard to a 350 sq/ft boat in June 2016. It was a big decision for us. Here’s how we made it.

Deciding to live on a boat

It wasn’t an overnight event. We didn’t wake up one morning and say, in unison, “Let’s move onto a boat.” No, we’d been talking about living on a boat for years.

It was never the right time. For several years, our marriage wasn’t very strong. Moving onto a boat would have been the end of our relationship, I’m certain. Continue reading “Choosing the Right Boat to Live On: How and Why We Decided to Live on a Trawler”


Now that we have been living aboard Wanderer for 6 months it’s time for an update.  We’ve been on Instagram, but we’ve never gone in depth on what life looks like beyond the smiling pictures and fishing and sunsets.

We’ve been talking about sharing these stories and learnings intentionally since we decided to make this move, but we were reluctant. We didn’t know much and there was always the risk of boat-life not working out how we’d hoped. “What if we don’t like it?” was in the back of our minds.

Alas, I don’t want the Hello World post to be too detailed. We’ll go into our reasoning for making this move, how it’s gone so far, and what we’re learning soon enough.

Smooth sailing, Scott