Getting Used to Boat Life

It’s been a few weeks since we have called Wanderer our home. It’s been an adventurous couple of week of highs and lows. As with every change there comes an adjustment period. We are still learning the boat and the boat is learning us.

That’s okay. We knew it would be like this for a while as we got things sorted out. Things I thought would be difficult (like sharing such a small space) has come easy. However, things I thought would be easy have proved challenging (like washing dishes).

In the very beginning the boys were constantly bickering. In such a small space it’s easy to find yourself in each other’s play area. However, they have quickly learned to respect each others things and there is a lot less bickering. They have both learned lesson of sharing and respects and that makes me happy. They are learning to work together better to figure out their differences.

The sleeping arrangement with them is also challenging because they are sharing a room for the first time. In the beginning they thought it was play time but with enough discipline and late-night spankings they’ve learned that sharing a room doesn’t mean constant play. We can now put them to bed and trust that they will quickly go to sleep. It was a frustrating week in the beginning dealing with sleep deprived cranky kids though.

Boats Require more maintenance than houses and we knew that going into it. We/Scott have already spent a few late nights playing handyman. I’ve stayed up for moral support for Scott while he weaseled himself self under the boat into the engine room to repair things like a broken water pump etc.

The thing that’s given us the most grief is the air-conditioning. The boat is equipped with a central AC but it’s not efficient enough to beat the Florida summer heat. We had to add two additional AC units in order to keep the boat efficiently cool. It’s been quite the challenge trying to figure out the best place to put them and where to vent them properly. After what seemed like an eternity of back-and-forth trial and error we have finally found our AC sweet spot.

We’ve had to give up some conveniences we are used to such as dishwasher, microwave, and a normal washing machine. I think what I miss the most out of those three is a normal washer and dryer. I bought a washing machine but it’s a small portable one and it doesn’t dry the clothes. I’ll do a video soon that will show you how we overcome not having these modern conveniences. All this to say I’m learning a steep lesson in contentment and that’s never a bad thing. God is teaching me to be happy with less. To be thankful for the little things. Not just thankful. Happy! To be happy with the little things. The simple things. At the end of the day we have the most important thing which is a happy and healthy family.

Enough negative. Let’s talk about the pros of boat living!

The boys absolutely love it! They think it’s one huge adventure and that the boat is one big playground. They love to make believe that we are living on a pirate ship and that we have battled with the other boats pulling into the marina. We even bought a pirate flag to hoist on the stern to let all boats know to beware of The Wanderer.

Another advantage to living on a boat is traveling and having your house with you wherever you go. It’s extremely convenient. There’s nothing like living ON the water. It’s an entirely different vibe than just living near it.

I feel as if the boys have grown closer (after the initial adjustment period) and have become better friends sharing a room and a small space.

We are forced outside more. We are outside. All. The. Time. We eat outside, do laundry outside, lounge outside, etc.

Saint Augustine!

Our first destination. Living here has been a constant adventure. I’m enjoying small town life. The buildings are ancient and gorgeous and the history is rich. The boys love the fact that it’s the pirate capital of the world (I may have made that up) and they are having a blast watching the Pirates and visiting the pirate museums.

Marina life is so much fun. There’s always something to see and do. Whether it’s watching the scuba diver clean the bottoms of the boats or watching sea turtles swim by in the harbor.

There’s a pirate ship that stays in our marina and the boys look forward to watching the costumed Pirates pull in every day coming home after a long battle at sea. There is a plethora of fish in the marina. All we have to do is step out our door and throw a line in the water. Dinner. Done. (Ew.)

All this to say we are extremely happy with our decision to move our small family onto a small boat. The pros outweigh the cons and we couldn’t be happier or closer as a family. God has done so much and our marriage and family and every day I wake up thankful. I’m overwhelmed with how far God has brought us.

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