Living Differently

Scott and I have been talking for years about how we want to live differently.
We want the kind of lifestyle that reflects our values: quality family time, trying new things together, and exploration.
We want the kind of lifestyle that challenges the limitations and expectations that culture tries to place on us: “the American dream,” busy schedules, and lots of stuff.
We also love the water. Erica grew up on the river. I grew up at the beach. We both gravitate to open waters.
After dreaming and planning and praying about it, we decided to move onto a boat.

Moving from a 2,000 square foot home to a 300 square foot home will physically bring our family closer together (maybe a little too close at times). We believe physical closeness will result in more emotional closeness, too.
More team work will be required. More respect for each other and our things will be required. I’m also counting on more cuddle time since we will be sharing one couch.
Another reason for our move is that it will challenge us to live simply. We understand that stuff doesn’t make us happy and we want to focus on experiences and people rather than things. With such a small living space, we will be less tempted to purchase unnecessary things.
Why a boat? We have a portable home so we can explore more freely. In the beginning, we plan stay around North Florida, then explore the Florida coast, and then cross over to the Bahamas (we may travel farther later on).
We can expose our boys to different cultures and ways of living for extended periods of time. They will be have a broader perspective and hopefully have a greater respect for people from different cultures.
But isn’t it expensive? Actually, living on a boat is cheeper than living on land. We will have solar panels for our electricity and a water maker for our water needs. Just like any home, we do expect to have to make repairs along the way, but we will try and do most of it ourselves. It will challenge us to learn lots of new things.
Constraints force creativity. Limitations can guide you to creative solutions. I’m most excited to see this play out with the boys. There will be a limited number of toys they can bring on the boat. This will force them to be creative with their play time. They will have to think outside the box to entertain themselves and that will exercise their creativity. 
We’ve lived in a house. There’s nothing new about it. Living on a boat will be a new experience every day for both of us. We’ll sleep with the sway of the water and the sound of ripples lapping at the hull. We will open the hatch above our bed and gaze at the stars as we fall asleep. 
We’ll decide from one day to the next what our “backyard” looks like.
Yes, thats right. We are going to live on a boat. Are we crazy? Yes. Will we know if we can do it unless we try it? No. So we’re going to try.

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