Things We Love

Sometimes there are things in life you just have to share with other people because you love them so much. We’re working on this list constantly.

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Things That Make Boat Life Better

Engel’s Marine Fridge/Freezer – We own two of these; that’s home much we love the Engel’s Marine Fridge and Freezer. This incredible 12V cooler serves as our refrigerator and freezer.

BONUS: They draw very little power, which allows us to run both coolers 24/7 directly from our house batteries, which are recharged by our solar panels. That means we keep our perishable food cold using the sun! They open from the top, so organizing your food/drink should work like a cooler, but we’re used to it now.

Bismi Compact Portable Washing Machine and Spin Dryer – Washing clothes on a boat or travel trailer is nothing like in a house. We knew this challenge going into boat life and decided to get a washing machine that would serve our needs. (Actually, Erica insisted and I don’t blame her.)

This Bismi is awesome. It washes a small load of clothes and then spin dries them to 90% dry. It’s much much better than making trips to a laundromat or hand-washing clothes in a bucket. Erica does a small load every day to keep up with the family during the summer months.

Turkish Peshtemal Towels – These are the only towels we use aboard the Wanderer. They’re thin, so they can pack away without taking up much room. Their thinness makes them faster to dry, too.

However, their thinness doesn’t make them less effective. They’re still really efficient at drying off wet kids after a shower or a swim at the beach.

Things I Use to Run My Business from the Boat

WP Engine – I run my business and client websites on WP Engine. They’re the best WordPress web host in the business, by far. They’ve saved my business several times and their support is stellar; I can get technical help within seconds through their live chat support.

They’re a little pricier than other options, but the upside is 100% worth it if you care about having a rock-solid, secure WordPress site.

Zoom – I hold all my meetings with Zoom video calls. It’s professional and doesn’t require my meeting invitees to create an account. They click the link I send them for the video call and it opens right up for them. What’s more, it works on iPad and iPhone, too! The free account level is all I need for my meetings, but if you have meetings with multiple attendees you’ll probably want to upgrade to a paid plan.

Logitech C920 Webcam – Since I use Zoom for video conferencing daily with clients and colleagues, I opted for a nicer camera than the built-in iSite camera on my MacBook. I wanted to be able to adjust the video settings for meetings and for recording course videos (I do some online training, too).

The C920 lets me do those things. It records in high-def, adjusts exposure and color, and packs away into a small package when I’m not using it. I’ve used other webcams before, but the C920 is the best all-around. You can get the Mac software for managing settings in the App Store.