When Boat Life Looks a Lot Like Normal Life

We moved onto our boat in June of this year. At first, we were tied up at Erica’s parents’ dock. The spot is in a high traffic area with tug boats coming up and down the river regularly. Tug boats make big wakes, which meant the boat was always rocking.

We moved to St Augustine in July and we love it. Spending the end of Summer and Fall in St Augustine has been amazing.

Then the weather turned chilly and tourists started clogging the streets to the see the Christmas lights. Leaving the marina for fun excursions with the kids became difficult and inconvenient.

With fewer and shorter outings, the boat started to feel more like a cubby hole than a home. Cabin fever began to set in and the kids started asking for the roominess of a spacious house.

To appease them, and to assuage our own stir-craziness, we’ve been spending more time in Jacksonville at Erica’s parents’ house.

And now it’s Christmas Day, which means we’re back at the in-laws again to spend time for the holidays. We’ll be here (in Jacksonville) through the New Year, too.

As much as we love boat life and the adventures it brings, it’s nice to be in a house from time to time.

Author: Scott (Captain)

I'm the husband, dad, and captain of the Wanderer. I own a web company that dabbles in application development and SEO. I work from anywhere with a decent internet connection, which is most often the deck of our trawler.

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  1. Who was that classy chick taking the annual grandma and grandchildren photo on the fireplace? I mean you only got the back of her hair but she just seemed so mystical. Her cut and style was on point for not even knowing she was being filmed from the back while holding her specialized form of iPhone camera. She ought to be featured more often. Perhaps a recurring role as the summer nanny you saved all your pennies for.

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